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Our insurance experts can help you compare property insurance rates from trusted insurers, coverage options, and cost-saving strategies to help you get the best protection at the best price.

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When you partner with CSC, you’ll enjoy a headache-free journey that offers certainty and peace of mind. Putting your needs before our own allows us to optimize your financial wellbeing with tax, capital markets, and insurance solutions that help you maximize the value of your transaction.

Why Work With Cost Segregation Capital

What is Cost Segregation?

Cost segregation is the tax strategy we use to help you reduce your income tax and increase cash flow. Cost segregation works by helping you get your depreciation deductions faster and deferring your federal and state income taxes. This tax strategy is perfect for any company or property owners who have built, bought, or remodeled a property they own.

In general, if you buy a commercial building, you can depreciate the cost over 27-39 years and benefit from income tax reductions. However, there are many elements of your property that you could depreciate over 5-15 years instead. Our cost segregation studies essentially split up all your property-related costs (including interior products, construction work, etc.) to help you get tax write-offs sooner.

Why get a cost segregation study?

Better cash flow and depreciation in the first 5-15 years

Bonus depreciation of 50% for particular assets

Enables tax-write offs for structural replacements

Allows you to carry certain losses back and forward

You don’t need to file amended tax returns

Your long-term savings far outweigh upfront costs

Our results speak for themselves

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